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Advanced Anti-Ageing Cleansing Gift Set

Sale price$227.00

skinChemists Advanced Body Cleansing Brush

Our latest cleansing set comes with 4 cleansing heads. All to leave your skin looking, and feeling amazing:
Head One: A refined cleansing brush head that is suitable for daily skin cleansing
Head Two: A soft brush head for sensitive skin type cleaning
Head Three: A sponge head for make up
Head Four: A Massaging applicator head for facial massage.

skinChemists Anti-Ageing Facial Cleanser 200ml

Our Anti-Ageing Facial Cleanser is formulated with very gentle cleansing agents that will help purify your skin without causing a feeling of tightness. The key actives help to renew the skin and its hydration while stimulating circulation in the face. Lemon completes this combination with its purifying and illuminating properties. The result? Clean, fresh and renewed skin.